• Where does "Tak Tak" come from?

    We knew we wanted an onomatopoeia as it related to the sounds in a glassblowing hotshop - you'll hear glassblowers tapping on metal tools in the hotshop as they're working on pieces or when they finish their object.

    We've loved how the name has evolved into a noun: a "Tak Tak" and a verb: "tak tak-ing" when making Tak Taks.

    And honestly, it's just fun to say!

  • How should I take care of my new Tak Tak?

    Our glassware wants your love and attention. Please handwash your Tak Tak glassware with warm, soapy water to avoid damaging your pieces. Our glass is not friends with extremely hot liquids, so please enjoy our cups for your juice, wine, and fizzies.


  • Why can't I choose an individual Face Cup anymore?

    We decided to move to a made-to-order model so that more cups could be available for everyone. Instead of waiting for a smaller batch of cups to be photographed and uploaded, folks can order a Face Cup whenever they want. This was a difficult decision for us since each Face Cup is unique in their own way, but we feel that this was a necessary step in order to scale up our business and make cups more accessible.

  • If items are "made to order" then why are they sold out?

    We are open to orders in limited numbers so we can be sure to produce and deliver in a timely manner. We do not want to accumulate so many orders that customers are waiting months for their pieces.

  • Do you do commissions or custom pieces?

    Not often, but if you have something special in mind within the Tak Tak style, please email us. We run a tight production schedule and it can be difficult to squeeze in projects outside what we make regularly.

    If you dream of something not Tak Tak related in glass, I'd be happy to refer you to a glass friend if appropriate.

  • Do you offer glassblowing classes or lessons?

    Not at the moment. If you are in Chicago, reach out to Firebird Community Arts and they can set you up with an amazing instructor. If you are in Austin, please do check out class offerings over at Ghost Pepper Glass under "Take A Class" if you're interested in exploring and experiencing glass!

  • Do you do wholesale?

    Please see our wholesale offerings at https://taktak.faire.com

  • Do you have any stockists?

    In preparation for our move from Chicago to Austin in late summer 2021, we paused our wholesale orders with our group of stockists. We are not at full production capacity at the moment, so all inventory will be sold through this website for the time being.

  • When can I expect my Tak Tak to arrive?

    Please allow the allotted production time for your piece (written in each product description) plus the time of shipping method you selected. The postal system is overworked and experiencing extreme delays right now so please plan accordingly. You can always email us if you require special handling instructions or expedited shipping.

  • I don't live in the US. How can I purchase your products?

    We offer a number of international shipping options that will appear upon checkout. We are not responsible for any customs fees, but we do label items as "gifts" to avoid any further costs to customers.

    Once your order is with the postal carrier, we cannot alter the speed or delivery or contact the postal carrier. We have no way to contact your local customs office. The postal system is unpredictable these days so please contact us if you require expedited shipping, which is usually the most expensive option, but does provide tracking.

  • This Tak Tak is not what I expected, can I return it?

    If you are unhappy with what you've received, please email us so we can learn what went wrong and make it right. Please do read all the item descriptions or see our Instagram page to get an idea of what our products look like before purchasing or contact us if you have any questions so you know what you're getting.

    In the check out section, there is a "special instructions" box - use it! We cannot guarantee special requests, but you can give us the opportunity to try.

  • My order has been lost / stolen / damaged!

    We are not responsible for any items that are lost, late, stolen, sent to the wrong address, or damaged during shipping.

    Please be sure you are entering the correct shipping address upon check out. If you feel that your order has been lost or stolen, please make a claim with the post carrier.

    We pack each order with the utmost care and as a small business, cannot afford to send a replacement on every damaged order. If there was damaged caused by faulty packing, please email us so we can work together to come to a solution. If you find yourself in this situation, please be sure to email us with clear pictures describing the damage.